Oh London Oh

Yup I made it back to London.  It was during the SWR strike, but the trains were running and I got a seat, there and back!

Made it into Saint Paul’s, so much larger than I realised.  The whispering gallery was simply overwhelmingly beautiful.

Then it was borough market for lunch. And a little people and food watching. 

The Tate Modern is amazing as always.  Most people walk past this replica of an abandon building in I believe Beirut? Pretty haunting when the cold and dusty concrete is placed next to more vocal pictures of buildings with a far more fulfilling life story.


The North Downs Way 

A lovely walk along the North Downs, starting from Guildford train station up to Saint Martha on the hill. 

At the church I noticed on the outside wall, a lovely little plaque, possibly for a much loved dog? 

The views from the hill were something special, even on an overcast day!

Then onwards towards the stunning Newlands Corner.  

Ending up at Silent Pool.  Although this was drained to combat an invasive weed.

Longing for London

So for many reasons, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to make it up London. I’m yearning to go back up to the South bank area, grab a coffee, read a book and bask in the great views.  

This picture was taken of Saint Paul’s from the Tate Modern. Edited to try and bring out it’s majestic permanence amongst the more functional and “working” buildings of the city.